And why we think we're better
Monkeytoe are full-service HVAC consulting engineers and specialists for smart, safe and compliant plant mounting and screening systems that won’t damage the integrity of your asset.

Our HVAC engineering consultants will tackle and solve any HVAC plant mounting challenge you’ve got, and reduce your risk by designing and supplying creative, simple and robust solutions.  Because that’s all we do.  Every day of the Week.

From our manufacturing base in New Zealand, Taranaki our systems are custom assembled for you from marine-grade aluminium for superior performance in hard-to-reach locations. Tailor-made or off-the-shelf all our products are made to our very own exacting standards.

Plus we’ll bring you the very best of our own ideas – like our non-penetrating famous ‘Monkeytoe’ clip developed as part of our goal to always strive for improvement and to make things better.

We’ll design, manufacture and ship our systems anywhere in Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.  Ready to be installed by your chosen installation team.

How we do it. Better.

Our complete, robust design to supply service is created for your peace of mind, no matter what your job requires we’ve got it covered.

Let us guide you through the design, consent, specifications, budgeting and full compliance of your project. We bring efficient and transparent project management, better design, better materials, better systems, and better deliveries. Everything better.

  • We're visionary.

    Ambitious with a culture of innovation, we have a crack team across all areas of our business and believe you’ll value our insight. It’s our core strength – always on the lookout for better ideas and better ways to do things.

  • We take ownership.

    We treat your building or project as preciously as if it were our own. Large or small every job is the most important one to us.

  • We're innovative.

    We challenge the status quo to provide the very best.  Thinking beyond the now to stay top of game and ahead of the curve.

  • We're collaborative.

    We’re open, honest and respectful of everybody’s ideas. Great communication between the entire team is vital to keep things running smoothly. And it’s all about doing a better job.

  • We believe in excellence.

    Meeting our client’s requirements to the highest standard is a given.  Going over and above is the order of the day.

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