Better Under One Roof: Specification Flexibility & Custom Designs


Over the years, we’ve talked about the ways that increased efficiencies, new technologies and innovative designs are transforming the construction and architecture landscape.

The pursuit of better solutions for our clients has driven us since day dot. That’s why I’m proud that Monkeytoe has built – and continues to build worldwide – a reputation for excellence across the board.

From initial consult to scoping, design, manufacture and install, we’re big believers in the idea that if you’re going to do it, you’ve got to do it well. And if you’re going to do it all, you’d better be sure that you’re going to get all of it right.

The proof’s in the pudding, as it were. Architects, engineers, builders and building owners alike worldwide trust our total consultation-to-installation services and design specialists, and our ability to make complex access challenges simple.

That’s because we do it all under one roof. We don’t waste time and our clients’ budgets outsourcing when we simply don’t need to. Our experts in design, materials, manufacture and installation are working together daily to deliver exceptional solutions for our clients, no matter their project or challenge.

Read on to find out more about why we’re better together.

Specification Flexibility & Custom Designs

Whether you need an off-the-shelf solution, have a difficult space to reach, or need bespoke designs generated, our ability to find and tailor solutions to client specification is what’s gotten us head and shoulders above others in the industry.

Our custom design process is the peak of our in-house processes, encompassing everything from consultation to installation.

Sometimes they’re talking to architects about how to maximise space with lighter, stronger solutions like the XBEAM; they might be visiting sites to scope measurements; or they’re talking with the installation team to ensure it comes together just right.

As specialists in custom access and mounting, we can quickly provide a smart, economic and comprehensive design. Our end-to-end service encompasses design and documentation, manufacture and installation, through to code compliance.

The Monkeytoe Custom Design Process

Here’s what walking through the custom design process might look like.

Step One: Initial Consultation Part One

We provide a consultation on-site or at your office. We talk with our clients and involved teams about what they’d like to achieve, and where Monkeytoe can help with design potential.

The goal here is making sure our clients develop a great understanding of what Monkeytoe can do and what our products have to offer.

We might then select some off-the-shelf products, or go down completely new design paths and create something totally unique.

Our in-house engineering and technical teams are here to help with any compliance or engineering questions, saving our clients from needing to bring on additional consultants.

Step Two: Initial Consultation Part Two

We visit the site when required, or we work from plans and sketches.

This stage is about understanding the realities of a project, and getting a better comprehension of the scope of works.

We develop the design concept and supply a cost estimate.

Marking the start of the design and documentation process, the concept development stage is about coming up with answers and estimates for a project. More often than not, figures at this time are estimates because there’s usually a fair amount of change between conceptual designs and the final build on any project – sometimes between 20 and 30 revisions might occur between architectural design and final fit-out!

Step Three: Design Finalised

You approve the design fees to start the design and documentation process.

When the design is finalised, we provide a fixed- cost price for manufacture and installation – or, if a client is prepared to proceed from proposal, we cover any small changes as a variation.

We often don’t fully finalise designs until weeks before install – something made possible due to our in-house design and manufacture facilities. Our fast turnarounds and highly configurable products like the XBEAM make those final adjustments really easy.

Step Four: Lead Times

You place the order, and we then provide accurate lead times for manufacture and installation. There’s a lot of flexibility with our design process and a high configurability of our products, so we can design a solution and even tweak it on site as needed.

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