Efficiencies: Saving Time with Monkeytoe and XBeam

We all want to get the job done more quickly while maintaining a high standard of excellence. That’s why, at Monkeytoe, we’ve been driven to develop the XBeam with the view to save our clients time and stress – both in the design process, and on site. Time’s one of those resources that you can’t get more of – so making the most of what we do have is critical. So, how do the XBeam’s innovations help out?

Design flexibility

From the ground up, we’ve designed the XBeam to be quick to manufacture for both standard and custom designs, which means we can turn around solutions incredibly quickly. This is especially useful when designers and builders are bringing us in late to a project: we can generate a solution in no time, so the fit-out can continue to run on schedule.

Weight and modular installs

Weight and time go hand in hand. What we mean by that is that a heavy, bulky platform or engineering solution takes more time to apply on site than a lighter one.

The XBeam isn’t just up to 65% lighter than steel solutions; there’s a huge amount of design flexibility in the XBeam, meaning that in any situation where weight is a consideration, we can change the amount of carbon in a beam and balance the strength-to-weight ratio accordingly.

Because of the XBeam’s low weight and high strength, combined with the ability to be assembled on the ground on site, it’s possible to lift a completed unit into place and often by a single crane. Gone are the days of slogging heavy steel beams to height – and slowing down your project.

Add to this the ability of the XBeam to accommodate unforeseen site variations and we’re really cooking. We’ve designed the XBeam with high configurability – so no welding or cutting is ever required, just simple bolt reconfigurations – which makes for flexible solutions across the board.

Reducing works at height

Speaking of high configurability, one of the design goals of the XBeam was reducing works at height. Height work is inherently risky, and there are many approaches – and health and safety regulations – to managing that risk. XBeam simply eliminates 90% of these risks by enabling most of the work to be done at ground level in a safe, manageable environment.

From the ground up, we’ve designed our XBeam platforms to be reconfigurable up to the last minute and, most importantly, able to be assembled on the ground from a kitset.

The combination of low weight and ground-level assembly means that we’ve effectively eliminated hot works at height and the huge costs, risks and time associated with lugging heavy steel beams or welding.

Since a Monkeytoe XBeam platform can show up and be lifted onto a roof, you don’t have contractors coming in, getting the heavy materials onto the roof, cutting them to size, doing hot works, and risking damaging a building that’s nearly complete. With fewer people and consents to deal with, and products showing up effectively finished, the XBeam platform saves a lot of time, stress and money.

Find out more

Click here to download our latest ebook “Efficiencies through Monkeytoe and the XBeam” to find out more about how Monkeytoe are building the beam that’s raising the bar and improving efficiencies on and off site.

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