Five tips on roof-mounting an air conditioner

  1. Location location location
    Like real estate, location is important. You want to place it in a location that is easily accessible but not an eyesore. There needs to be enough support for load bearing as well has having it far enough removed from occupancy so noise is not an issue. The roof is a logical place for most commercial premises. A system that sits on the roof but loads back to the purlin and building structure is the safest and most flexible.
  2. Easy install
    Kitsets provide a great solution as they can be readily adjusted on site. This means they can be made to fit with minimal effort and using basic tools. This is useful when you are up on a roof. You don’t want to climbing up and down to use a saw below.
  3. Lightweight but heavy duty.
    Again, when getting a system onto a roof, having a lightweight system is important. It is also valuable in that it is not loading up your roof with extra unnecessary weight. Monkey Toe mounts are manufactured from marine grade, lightweight, high-tensile aluminium It is also highly robust and super duty mounts can take up to 300kg
  4. Make it count
    Buying inferior products can cost you in the long run. Timber is a definite no no; it will eventaully rot and leach tannins onto your roof, ultimately damaging it. When purchasing a mount system, you want it to count.Our marine grade aluminium is made to last and comes with a lifetime warranty.
  5. The silent treatment
    While a scarce few may enjoy the rattle and hum of a condenser unit, most of us don’t. Eliminate the possibility of the vibration of the unit penetrating the roof space with polyethylene roofing clips and a system that is mounted off the roof.

Monkeytoe have the perfect solution in their modular, kitset condenser mounts. We would love to help you make the installation process as easy as possible.

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