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A note from Budd

Hi everyone,

With the last month being as difficult as it has, it’s good to know that we’re staying busy. Our teams have been working hard, operating as normal from the factory and getting fine Australian-made Monkeytoe products out the door.

In the meantime, one thing that’s been lighting up our phones has been Monkeytoe portal and purlin solutions. We’ve been making and taking plenty of calls from project managers and designers across construction, councils, and industry who want to find out more about how we go the distance. In fact, you can see later in this update how we managed to save a major client $70,000 and two thirds the potential weight on the roof with some better engineering.

You can find out more too – just head down this update and follow the links to download your copy of Portal vs Purlin: The Mounting Showdown here.

We’ve loaded our website with stacks of resources that promise to make life easier for installers, developers, specifiers, and project managers. Need a video to show you how to install a walkway or a ladder? Done. Want to find out more about our weatherproofing and seismic performance? We’ve got videos for that. It’s a chance to get the insights and know-how and make your next project with Monkeytoe that much easier.

We also take some time this month to talk about another Monkeytoe game-changer: the Monkeytoe Gutterguard. Dry gutter debris can be a serious fire risk, and hail build up does nothing but favour overflowing and flooding damage. Save yourself the hassle with a long-term, easy-maintenance solution. Your future self will thank you for it.

Read on, advance your knowledge, and stay safe.


Budd Prestidge, General Manager

Educate yourself on the best Monkeytoe has to offer

Whether you’re an installer, specifier, builder, developer, or facilities manager, then we’ve got the resources you need to ready yourself for your next Monkeytoe project. We’ve compiled a few videos to help you get started with your development. Here are some highlights:

  • RC01 roofing clip explained
    • We’ve developed our proprietary RC01 jackstud fixing to be the best in show. It mounts through the rib of the roofing material, with the unique jackstud transferring all loads directly on to the purlins, meaning no damage or roofing warranty issues. It’s a weatherproof, watertight solution in place for years to come.  
  • Unpacking XBEAM
    • How have we achieved longer spans, greater load bearing capacity and a lighter weight than steel? Well, to risk sounding like clickbait, you’ll have to watch the video to find out (the results might even shock you).
  • Seismic compliance with Monkeytoe platforms
    • If you’ve read our ebook on vibration, you’ll know that the higher the load on a building, the stronger the force that’s exerted on your structure. So: how do you cut down on weight whilst maintaining performance? Enter Monkeytoe platforms. 
  • Monkeytoe versus the rest
    • We reckon there’s no competition. After all, we’ve engineered solutions that are fast, high quality, and exceptionally good value. Whoever said you can’t hit that trifecta obviously hasn’t seen what we can do with some clever engineering.
  • Testing XBEAM for weight loading and shear
    • If in doubt, test it – and test it again. For specifiers, we’ve included a couple of videos to demonstrate some of the testing methods we’ve used to ensure that you’re getting the performance you deserve.
  • Testing Hushmonkey for acoustic performance
    • You’ll often find acoustic screening is specified by mass – such as “12kg per sqm” – but that leaves a lot of room to meet one requirement without actually meeting a standard of performance we’d expect. Find out how we’re changing the game with our acoustic Hushmonkey panels.
  • Showcasing our 100% weatherproof mounting clips
    • How do we mount to a roof without risking water or weather ingress? Check out the video on our mounting clips and you’ll find out how we’ve done it better.


Monkeytoe versus Steel: How the numbers stack up

If you’re still in doubt as to the performance of Monkeytoe versus steel, then look no further. We’ve been fortunate enough to use a real-life example to compare and contrast the cost and performance of a steel system versus Monkeytoe for a client’s project.

We developed a single Monkeytoe package that would include the platform solution, handrails, and acoustic screening, while the steel alternative was looking to require up to four subbie packages just to achieve the same result.

Because the Monkeytoe package could be completed before being lifted into place, our solution was installed with 1-2 lifts; the steel would have required 3-6, including the decking, screening, and units, as well as hot works at height.

The steel platform solution would have weighed a whopping 57,000kg – a not inconsiderable loading for a roof to bear – and put extra demands on the structure underneath (potentially limiting the amount of space available inside). 

Ours? Try just 14,000kg – less than a quarter of the weight – and $70,000 cheaper.

That’s what we mean by better value, faster, and higher quality. We really do work harder for a better outcome.

FEATURING: Monkeytoe Gutterguards

You know how much of a pain it can be dealing with gutter debris. The accumulation of leaf litter puts you at a higher risk for bushfires, and hail build up is just playing into the hands of overflow and flooding damage.

You could buy gutter whiskers or get up there and clear them out regularly – but neither are going to give you the results you’re after, and will take some ongoing maintenance.

That’s why you need a Monkeytoe Gutterguard – a unique system for mitigating debris and hail build-up that will help keep your gutters clear and your building safe.

The Monkeytoe Gutterguard is fully customisable to suit any gutter design and assembled on-site in 1800mm sections for a fast and simple install.

Stop hail and debris in their tracks with a Monkeytoe Gutterguard – our reinforced trafficable decking/walkway modules


The Portal vs. Purlin still available for download

For one of our latest ebooks, we took on a bigger challenge than the pitting of steel vs. aluminium that we tackled in our first ebook: Mounts.

Mounts are a reality of any building. Whether you need an access solution or a platform for a roof-mounted air conditioning unit, having secure, reliable mounts is as important as solid walls and structural stability.

But not all mounts are made equal – and not all situations are prepared for all types of mounts.

Check out our latest ebook, Portal vs Purlin: The Mounting Showdown here, and discover where, why, and how you might use portal/rafter or purlin mounts – especially for your platforms and equipment.


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