This month at Monkeytoe January 2022

Check out what's been happening at Monkeytoe in January in our latest monthly news feature.

A note from Budd

Hi everyone,

Welcome to 2022, and this, our first This Month at Monkeytoe of the year.

I hope you all had restful, peaceful and productive summer breaks and enjoyed what our beautiful country has on offer. The weather certainly turned it up for us.

Let’s launch into things.

This year promises to be better than ever, and it started strong for us here at Monkeytoe. Over the summer, we welcomed Jamieson Prestige into the fray as Specification Team Leader, and Fernando Prestige to Strategic Business Development. These two new faces bolster our already excellent sales team, ensuring that we’re continuing to drive innovation and excellence across Monkeytoe.

In March you can look forward to the launch of our redeveloped Condenser Mounts. Designed to take much heavier loads without compromising on size, the system can be mounted on most roof types – and can also be expanded for multi-bank units, which provide a cost effective and clean appearance. Watch this space.

In this newsletter we’re also talking about the Maraetai Dam project, speaking about our consultancy and design services, and setting you up to win a bumper summer pack. So help us continue to celebrate the summer for a while longer – and the Monkeytoe difference, with better consultancy, better design, better manufacturing, better installation.



Budd Prestidge, General Manager

Consultancy & Design services transforming designs

As part of our consultancy and custom design services, we’re often asked to develop custom accessway and stair solutions.

But just bringing us in at the last stage of a project means that you’re only getting part of the Monkeytoe advantage.  Bringing Monkeytoe’s consultants and designers in early means we can develop comprehensive, impressive solutions for all your needs.

Let’s say you're an architect or designer developing a space. You might come to us to ask about a stair, and that’s something we’re happy to deliver. But for us, giving plenty of value means looking beyond a single solution and to how Monkeytoe thinking and products can provide your project with the best solution/s for the space.

If you’re designing a building, but are only thinking in terms of steel and concrete, then you’re only going to design according to those materials. But have you considered the aluminium and composite alternatives? Reaching out to our team during the concept stage gives you the opportunity to discover and explore the aluminium and composite alternatives without obligation, and to see how our Designers can work with you to design the right solution rather than the traditional solution expected. We might just be able to work with you to reimagine your materials, your traditional solutions and your spaces and get more from your designs.

Monkeytoe can add in access solutions, but our real strength is in working with you to design all stairs, escape routes, access, ladders, platforms and more, utilising our incredible solutions like XBEAM. 

Better Design. Better Process. Better Results


Redeveloped Condenser Mounts – Coming Soon!

As part of our ultimate goal to do ‘Everything Better’, we’re restless in our search to design and manufacture better products using better processes. We think we’ve nailed it with our new redeveloped Condenser Mounts.

In March, we’ll launch our improved condenser mounts. How improved, I hear you ask? Well, right now, our mounts support up to 300kg; our new mounts will support a formidable 1,000kg. The whole range is due to change, with tiered options covering 120kg to 1,000kg.

The redesign of the Monkeytoe mount means better value for you. Not only are there massive savings for a superior hold, but part of our design change-up means that anti-vibration mounts to suit the load will be included.

Featuring a greater weight capacity and improved design featuring anti-vibration mountings, these install-ready kitsets will hit supplier shelves shortly. If you’re at a loss for where to purchase, then contact us today!

WIN a ‘We Love a Long Weekend’ Pack

It can be downright heartbreaking to leave the bach and boat and come back home from a long summer break.

Just as well there are a few long weekends up our sleeves yet. And even better – we’re going to help you celebrate.

Simply jump on our Facebook or LinkedIn pages, comment why you love summer, and you could win a ‘We Love a Long Weekend’ Pack from Monkeytoe that includes ginger beer, jandals, a towel, BBQ nuts and a BBQ apron that’ll help you keep the summer going.OR/ Give our Projects Director, Toby Broomhall a call (021 228 4372) to trial some BBQ nuts! (First 5 will score a pack!) Because, if there is anyone stock piling them for winter….

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Make sure you follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. We’ve got stacks of up-to-the-minute news, videos, and content from across Australasia on all our channels, working together to help educate the industry on what’s possible with access and mounting.

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