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A note from Budd

Hi everyone,

We’re racing through the year – and what a year it’s been for us at Monkeytoe. We’ve welcomed some exceptional people to the team, worked with incredible clients across the country, and introduced new Condenser Mounts as well as XBEAM Residential. 

We’ve also been thinking more about our impact on the environment. Aluminium is our metal of choice because it’s incredibly resilient, and infinitely recyclable, meaning that the next generations can get use from the same materials again and again. We’ve extended that conscious thinking to big and small projects, such as vertical gardens in the office – to remind us of the importance of nature – and we’re researching carbon offsetting to understand and reduce our environmental impact. We all have our part to play.

Sustainability was also at the heart of a project on the other side of the Tasman: Marian College’s new premises, which we contributed to with XBEAM platforms and aluminium solutions. 

There’s also plenty to check out on our website, including news and articles, as well as our careers page for those interested in joining Monkeytoe’s formidable team of innovators. Read on and find out.



XBEAM across the ditch: Marion College, Christchurch

12 years after the Christchurch earthquake destroyed their school, Marian College’s students and staff will soon have a new permanent home.

It’s just one of the projects happening on the other side of the Tasman in New Zealand that’s utilising XBEAM and our aluminium solutions. The new Marian College is due for completion in early 2023, on a 3-hectare site in Papanui that was once the location of one of Foodstuffs South Island’s distribution centres (one of the largest buildings in the South Island, too). 

The $25 million development, led by Armitage Williams, will convert the existing warehousing into a range of school facilities. Because the Foodstuffs warehouse infrastructure is well established and in a good condition, a retrofit into the space means a significantly smaller total environmental impact than a new build.

Monkeytoe’s experts were brought in to supply a 24x5m XBEAM platform to support HVAC equipment. Because our aluminium solutions are so light, we were able to build the platform at ground level then crane-lift it into place in no time.

The students, like us, are excited to see the project completed early next year.

Coming August 2022: XBEAM Residential

It’s been almost two years since we launched XBEAM to the world. Lighter, stronger, and capable of going more places than any beam before it, Monkeytoe’s unique XBEAM has been raising the bar.

Hold onto your hats, because in August we’re launching a new solution for the residential market: XBEAM Residential. With the weight of timber and the strength of steel, XBEAM Residential will open up new possibilities for the market, offer a new option in the place of traditional lintel beam members, and help address a shortage of alternative products.

Watch this space for more.

The latest news from Monkeytoe’s experts

Need a stair for your project or property but you’re not sure where to start? Not sure what regulations apply and how they interact?

We’re regularly updating our articles page with insights from the expert Monkeytoe team. Most recently, Glen Thomas shared his knowledge on General & Fire Specs – something that no doubt we could all benefit from diving deeper into. Check out his piece, start reading up on the latest news and advice, and even look at past ‘This Month at Monkeytoe’ articles over on our News page.

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