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A note from Budd

Hi everyone,

It’s been a hectic sort of month across Australia, and our hearts go out to those affected by the recent flooding and displacement. We hope you’ve made time to check in with your family and friends and have kept safe all the whle.

It’s a shorter update this month. We’re teasing a little more the launch of our re-developed HVAC solutions due to come out in the next few weeks. They’re a stronger, smarter, better solution – but then that’s what we’re known for!

We’ve also been sharing our innovative spirit to architects – and helping them get CPD points – by looking at traditional versus modern materials and showcasing what’s possible when you use new materials to solve new and old problems. Check it out below – and get in touch with the Monkeytoe team to find out more about the 21st century’s material of choice.

All this and more below. Dive on in.


Budd Prestidge, General Manager

Our re-developed HVAC mounts due to launch

A couple of months back we shared that our new, redeveloped Condenser Mounts were on their way. We’re very pleased to say that they’ll soon be ready for your next project!

These new mounts have been redeveloped for a couple of important reasons. Firstly, we wanted to take advantage of more modern, automated production processes so that we could reduce manufacturing costs and pass on those savings to you, our clients. That’s also meant that we’re able to get these excellent mounts into more hands without needing to throw more labour power at them, so our scalability and output can go up – and so can the impact of these mounts.

The second aspect is the custom extrusions. Previously, our mounts had taken advantage of existing extrusions – but those designs had limited weight and strength capacities that we knew needed an upgrade. We developed brand new custom extrusions specifically for our new mounts which are designed to take better advantage of bracing geometry.

The long and the short of it is that our new mounts are capable of handling an impressively high loading – something that’s needed in earthquake-prone New Zealand and wind-prone Australia. Now our off-the-shelf designs can handle up to a tonne of loading – almost four times the previous limit for an existing standard design, and without the need for customised solutions.

We’re continuing our ethos of modular design too, with the new mounts able to keep stacking for more capacity. And we’ve included anti-vibration pads specifically designed for our mounts with every new kit.Come the beginning of May, our new mounts will be ready to go. If you’re chomping at the bit and want to know more, then flick an email to [email protected]

Breaking from tradition

Are you still using 20th century materials in your platform projects?

This was the question put forward by Dallas Jensen, Monkeytoe’s Queensland Sales Manager, when he presented to ‘Aluminium vs. Tradition’ alongside Arc Agency to 500 architects this month.

If you’ve been following Monkeytoe for some time, then you’ll know just how important raising the bar and improving performance across industries is for us. That’s why we’re leading with aluminium over steel.

Aluminium is being recognised as the material of choice for designers, architects and builders, since it’s versatile, strong, flexible in application, self-protecting and has exceptional weather performance in all conditions.

Steel has had its day. Today, if you want unparalleled performance for structures, access solutions and mounts, then aluminium can’t be beaten.Find out more about breaking from tradition – and book a CPD presentation – with Dallas by contacting [email protected]

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