Custom mounting and screening solutions for supermarkets

Food for thought...

Supermarkets can have some of the most extensive HVAC systems of any building. Having the best mounting solution for all this equipment is of utmost only Monkeytoe can provide.

Why Monkeytoe?


All Monkeytoe systems are manufactured from marine-grade aluminium which therefore means it is non-corrosive.

Design flexibility.

As aluminium is such a versatile metal this allows for great design flexibility and means that last minute changes are no problem! Monkeytoe has an extensive range of proprietary extrusions which gives our design team the capability to cater for any custom design requirements.


Aluminium structures are significantly lighter than comparable steel structures. Weight savings can be up to 40% for a single project.

One stop shop.

Monkeytoe offer the full package from consultancy/compliance, to design/engineering, to manufacturing and delivery for your installation.

This means you can come to us with your custom requirements, and we will handle every stage from there until you have the completed kitset, ready to install!

Consultants. Engineers. Designers. Manufacturers

With Monkeytoe we fulfill every one of these roles, removing the need for third party consultants...saving you time and hassle. You come to us with your problem, we design, engineer, manufacture and ship without you needing to engage any other party.

We aren't just fabricators, but the complete package.

  • Coles Mt Gambier

    With any large supermarket comes extensive HVAC systems.
    Discover how Monkeytoe custom mounting and walkway systems revolutionized this supermarket!

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This system is designed in accordance with  Aluminium Structures, Part 1: Limit State Design AS/NZS 1664.1 Standards Australia / New Zealand NZS/AS 1657.

• ABCB NCC 2019
• AS 1657
• AS/NZS 11170.0 General Principles
• AS/NZS 1170.1 Permanent , Imposed and other actions
• AS/NZS 1170.2 Wind Actions
• AS/NZS 1170.4 Earthquake actions in Australia

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