HVAC Condenser Mounts
Modular, Adjustable, Engineered & Compliant HVAC Condenser Mounts - Supporting up to 1000kg

Aluminium, Modular, Quick to Install, fully Adjustable & Compliant HVAC Mounts support up to a massive 1000kg!

Our Condenser Mounts come as a boxed kit-set, including the specialised Monkeytoe mounting clips and fixings to ensure loads are taken down to the roof structure and not applied to the roof itself.

Suitable for a variety of condenser, air conditioner, air handler and mechanical units, this product is a fully engineered solution that can be mounted on most roof types.

Our Benefits
  • Eliminate incorrect fixing and mounting methods
  • Fast installation times
  • Lightweight boxed kitsets
  • 25yr Warranty
  • Off-the-shelf availability
  • Modular, adjustable assembly
  • Fully engineered including Wind & Seismic loading to AS/NZS-1170.0, 1170.1, 1170.2, 1170.4 & 1170.5
  • Compatible with roofing warranties.
  • All kits include anti-vibration unit mounts
  • Adjustable support for equipment weighing up to 1000kg
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