Better Together: Keeping it under one roof with Monkeytoe.
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Over the years, we’ve talked about the ways that increased efficiencies, new technologies and innovative designs are transforming the construction and architecture landscape.

If our work in the building, design and engineering industry has taught us anything, it’s the importance of working to our strengths. Especially when that comes to delivering great solutions.

Some businesses out there came come to realise this too, recognising the advantages of dealing with companies that know what they’re doing – and who do it well. While that might be just a supplier who’s  mastered the design of one product and then hand it over for manufacture and another for install, we know that this comes with its own set of challenges.

We’re more interested in getting it right across the board. Because construction, design and architectural projects have the potential to quickly become complex, we believe that oversight over every part of a project – from consultation to installation – can make the difference between failure and success.

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