The Ultimate Defense: Protecting Your Zincalume & Colourbond Roof
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In Australasia, our roofs can take a hammering. As a home’s first layer of weather proofing – keeping us dry, cool, and warm – ensuring your roof is installed and maintained correctly is vital.

With constant innovation in building materials, mechanical systems and building regulations, roofing systems are often compromised by poor installation practices. Almost all commercial buildings now have  HVAC and ventilation equipment mounted on the roofs, increasing the chances of corrosion, if installed incorrectly. These mounting structures, the penetrations created by the installation process, and the installation work on the roof, has increased the incidence of compromised roof surfaces leading to leaky buildings and rejected roof warranties.

Monkeytoe was born from the desire to protect roofs with well-designed mounting systems that integrate with the roof without causing damage or voiding the warranty. This guide describes how metal roofing can be damaged and how you can prevent it.

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