Coles Mayfield


  • Retail
Mayfield has been waiting long enough for Coles to move in. After almost a decade of talks and red tape, the busy suburb in the harbour city of Newcastle will soon welcome a brand-new and state-of-the-art supermarket alongside a host of other shops developed at what was once the site of a “muddy eyesore”.
We were pleased to get the call from Hutchinson Builders, asking us for our advice on setting up roof platforms for their new Coles store.When it comes to roof-mounted plants, supermarkets of course have a wide spread of requirements that have to be met. The ancillary equipment needs to be accessible, but discrete; it has to service large climate-controlled areas, meet robust refrigeration demands, cope with maintenance foot traffic safely and effectively, and maintain the building’s clean external look. Add to this the need to minimise noise pollution, and you’ve got a challenge!
We worked with Hutchinson Builders to develop a combination of Monkeytoe platforms and HushMonkey acoustic panels that would suit their needs and maintain discretion for the ancillary equipment. Their latest set-up will help keep their equipment safe and hidden out of earshot and eyeline for years to come. We’re looking forward to the opening of the new store and seeing what Coles has to offer Mayfield.