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Kit-set condenser mounting solutions for units up to 1000kg.
If you need to mount an equipment platform, you really have two options.
In Australasia, our roofs can take a hammering. As a home’s first layer of weather proofing – keeping us dry, cool, and warm – ensuring your roof is installed and maintained correctly is vital.
Over the years, we’ve talked about the ways that increased efficiencies, new technologies and innovative designs are transforming the construction and architecture landscape.
New and improved HushMonkey is an acoustic screening system that is easy to install, simple and innovative. This effective wall system provides a simplistic and visually appealing barrier whilst reflecting or absorbing unwanted noise.
Now more than ever, businesses are looking to make their buildings and building processes more efficient. Every day, we look at ways of saving ourselves and our clients on their projects. Less waste, fewer losses, more time up our sleeves. The question is always: How can we do this better?
Carbon fibre-reinforced polymers (CFRPs, or simply ‘carbon fibre’) have become the material of choice where high strength-to-weight ratios and rigidity are demanded.
From the largest superstructures in the world to the smallest fans in a computer, good designers have to anticipate vibration in its many forms.
Aluminium has long been seen as a premium, quality product but now its versatility is really being realised. At Monkeytoe, we’re passionate about encouraging ‘Construction Influencers’ to look at the whole picture when it comes to construction, and it’s in this context that aluminium’s true benefits shine.
Mounting an air conditioner to the roof involves making important structural and material considerations while ensuring compliance with the regulatory environment.
The Monkeytoe XBEAM is a key to a revolutionary configurable Beam system that is part of our Modular XBEAM platform system.
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